Dog Aggression - Dog aggression is greatly misunderstood. Although truly aggressive dogs are dangerous, most times aggressive dogs are a product of their environment. At Castle Hill Canine we deal with all type of aggression. We work with dogs that have been turned down by others because of their aggressive behavior or told that they should be "put down". Once we take control, the aggressive dog most always becomes trainable.

First the owner and trainer sit down and talk about the problem without the dog being present, Second the trainer then meets the dog with the owner present to observe the problems, Lastly a plan is devised for training in order to resolve the aggression issues.

Obedience - Obedience training is more than having your dog sit or stay. Your dog already knows how to sit and stay. What we are teaching him is to do these things on command with no hesitation or delay.

Everything you ask your dog to do is a learning experience. Whether you tell him to get off the couch, get in the car, or go to his bed he is responding to a command. This is what is important in obedience training, having your dog respond to your request on command. Your dog will be happy to obey and will respond the first time. The end result will be a dog that you are proud to be with. He will be a pleasure to be with at home and in public places.

We are presented with challenging situations every day, in every aspect of our lives. Having a dog that is calm and in control during any situation will allow you, as the owner, to be able to stay in control as well. At Castle Hill Canine all our training is done with positive reinforcement. Your dog works for praise, not out of fear or bribery. We will teach you dog to respond to commands in either English, German, or both as well as hand commands. Once this calm control is obtained, the training becomes fun and rewarding for both you and your dog.

​How We Train