Five males, two females

Born 8/27/15

Photos taken 9/13/15

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Our New Havanese Litter

Puppies, Puppies

A Fun Hobby

From time to time we turn to our own dogs for relaxation and a different type of reward - PUPPIES!

Dan has had a passion for German Shepard dogs since he was a child so it was only natural for him to choose a female German Shepherd for his companion and begin to breed again for his pleasure. Their Shepherd Rita is only a puppy now but they cant wait until she is old enough to begin having pups.

While training Havanese dogs several years ago both Sandra and Dan fell in love with this happy, lovable breed. With two of their own Havanese females, Fran and Lucy, they're a lot of little ones around throughout the year.

Periodically we have litters of both our Havanese and German Shepherds. We will post the litters as they become available for those of you who are interested.(New Litter Below)

Havanese -

These great little dogs are the native dog of Cuba. They are non-shedding and hypoallergenic. At 10 pounds, they make great house pets and are fierce little watch dogs. Bred to be companion dogs, the Havanese will never let you out of his sight.

German Shepherd Dog-

The German Shepherd dog is a great family companion as well as the perfect protection dog. He is strong, agile, alert, and full of life. He will warn you as your alarm system and also stand his ground to protect you and your family.