Agility Training - Agility is fun for both you and your dog. Your dog will learn to climb, jump, and crawl on command. This will help to build your dogs confidence as well as his focus and attention. Before you can begin agility work, your dog must be proficient with his obedience. Training on agility starts off slowly and then once your dog has the confidence to complete the simple obstacles he can move onto more advanced ones.


Obedience Training-We offer various training courses to suit your needs. Our courses are private and individualized so we are able to take your dog from learning to walk easy on a leash, to the point where he will be able to work off leash with both voice and hand commands while going through the learn, correction, and proofing stages.

Private Puppy Lessons - We can start training your puppy as young as 10 weeks old. This is a great time to bond and train your puppy at the same time. Besides teaching your puppy to sit, lay down, and come on command he will also learn to walk properly on a leash, stop chewing and biting, house breaking or any of a dozen other problems that can be encountered with a puppy. We offer various private courses at your location to suite your individual needs while teaching you to properly communicate with your puppy with lots of love and understanding.