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OUR Story

Dan Cacace, owner and Master Trainer of Castle Hill Canine Services LLC has been studying canine and Wolf behavior since he was 14 years old. After high school in 1979 Dan began formal training to become certified. He spent four months at CT K-9 Education center where he learned Obedience and Behavior modification. After completing his studies, getting certified and graduating with high honors Dan decided to build his own business which specializes in puppy and dog obedience, control, K-9 family protection, and police canine training throughout New England.

In 1985, Dan enrolled in the United States K-9 Academy to fine tune his skills by working with world renowned trainer, Jack Healey. During this time he also worked as an armed K-9 patrol officer for Pinkerton Security.

Throughout the last four decades Dan has continued to improve and refine his training methods by reading and studying the training methods of some of the top trainers in the world. By combining these methods he has been able to develop his own particular training method which allows him to adapt the training to each individual dog.

In 1992 Dan was hired to train a Border-Collie named Dagmar. He not only trained Dagmar he worked with her owner, Sandra as well. While working with Sandra he taught her everything he knew and she soon learned that she too wanted to become a trainer. A year later they decided to combine their skills in training as well as in life and decided to get married. They have been working together ever since.

Whether working with a puppy for the first time, an adult dog that needs obedience, a seasoned dog that is ready for agility, advanced off leash work, or training your dog to be your personal body, guard Castle Hill Canine Services LLC will get the job done -